Pro Team Poker Rules Innovations

Each team will have a built-in player development and scouting system.

There will be a player’s draft.  And, there will be a “unique” Territorial Draft will allow AAA PTP Member Teams to take advantage of players in their area that have developed their skills locally.

There will be Players’ Tryout Camps, Seminars, Poker Camps and Schools.

There will be a Playoff Pool.  Each league will have Player Playoff Pool Money for Four (4) Finalists: The Playoff Pool will be divided among the players on the four top playoff teams as follows:

of the total prize pool
2nd Place:

of the total prize pool
3rd Place:

of the total prize pool
4th Place:

of the total prize pool
There will be a Player Development System.  A development system will be set up, loosely based on the one used in professional baseball for over 100 years. Within the AAA PTP all Leagues will operate at a sanctioned level by the Association…Division I, Division II and Division III (ranked low to high) with the next step up after Division III being the “Major League.”

Scoring and hand averages for individual players during matches will be available in REAL TIME, for every match.

Knockouts, Slams, Grand Slams and Kills (through Pro Team Poker Stats™) will be used as a determining factor for team and match total points.

Bonus points will be given for individual and team performances and player ratings will be determined by AAA PTP through the statistical system.

Substitutions, just like baseball, can be made by the coach throughout the match.  Five bench subs cane see action, if so desired by the coach.

An All Star Match will be played at the conclusion of the playoffs.

A gala Awards Dinner and Banquet will culminate the inaugural season to honor all the winners and salute all the participants.

Headwear and uniform shirts, displaying team colors and logos, will be mandatory in all AAA PTP matches.


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